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For Innovation MBA student Rachel Yee-Horvath, earning a master’s degree has always been a part of the plan. “It has always been my dream to acquire an MBA after getting my bachelor’s [degree]… I am blessed to have this great opportunity to acquire an MBA through Jefferson and fulfill my dream. I believe that acquiring the MBA will provide me with a fuller perspective of the business world and a passport to further advance my career,” she said.

Rachel currently works for Thomas Jefferson University as a student accounts associate. She chose to pursue her MBA at Jefferson Online because of its comprehensive approach to business education: “Jefferson has impressed me with its innovative ways and entrepreneurial spirit to combine multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge together. I was also looking for real working experience to be shared in class as opposed to just textbook concepts. Jefferson provided both knowledge and experience that [led me to] pursue my master’s with them.”

The online format is particularly important to Rachel because of her busy schedule and desire to spend time with her family outside of work. “I decided to pursue my master’s online because it provided me with the flexibility to study on my own schedule and also not having to physically be on campus to learn. This worked well for my work arrangement and family commitments,” she said.

So far in her program, Rachel has found the iMBA curriculum “very informative and up to date with current happenings.” The Entrepreneurship and Competitive Technical Intelligence courses have been the most enriching because she was “able to connect the dots to the other courses and see how they relate to each other,” she said.

Rachel had this to say about her favorite professors: “I would say Professor D.K. Malhotra and Professor Susan Pellerin have been very helpful, resourceful and informative. Professor Malhotra helped me understand the formulas and analyze financial statements that gave me the confidence in utilizing the knowledge I have learned. Professor Pellerin … provided me with the insights and resources to expand my negotiation and communication skills, [both of which] I believe will help me in the long run.”

Because her undergraduate degree is in film and media arts, Rachel is excited to use the business skills she is learning through the iMBA program to advance her career into management positions and increase her earning potential. She says she would recommend this program to individuals who are interested in “an innovative and entrepreneurial environment.”

Rachel offers the following advice for those considering Jefferson Online’s iMBA degree: “The beauty of an online program [is that it] allows everyone to share their work experiences. This opens your mind as to how different or similar businesses are managed. Once you find your rhythm and discipline, online studying gives you the flexibility and comfort of learning at your own pace.”

Whether you are interested in developing skills for a new position like Rachel or are looking to advance in your current career, Jefferson Online’s iMBA can help you meet your professional goals. With an integrated, project-based curriculum focused on real-world skills, our program develops dynamic problem-solvers and entrepreneurial thinkers who are ready for success. Learn more about this flexible, innovative degree program here.

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