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Jade Gasper

Fall 2015 Graduate

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Like many of the students at Jefferson Online, Innovation MBA program graduate Jade Gasper chose to complete her degree in an online format because it made sense for her busy schedule. “Running a business and being the primary employee of the business in addition to the professional organizations I belong to, coaching a softball team and networking efforts makes it really difficult for me to keep a set schedule,” she said. “I primarily work from home, so I knew I had the discipline and ability to succeed in an online learning environment.”

A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Jade is the owner of both a promotional products and screen printing company and an e-commerce site. She chose Jefferson Online’s iMBA program because it allowed her the flexibility to study on her time and featured a curriculum focused on entrepreneurship. “After a lot of research of other local and online programs, the innovation and entrepreneurship concepts that Jefferson’s program had was one of the most appealing to my particular interests. The ability to take the course online was key to my decision given my schedule as a business owner,” she said.

Once the program began, Jade saw that Jefferson Online’s program was committed to student success while also being outcome oriented: “Part of [the benefit of] this program was that it is designed based on the individual’s needs and wants. There were people in my cohort that were looking just to be promoted after completion of their degree, but there were also people at various professional and entrepreneurial levels looking to advance themselves personally, grow their business or begin a startup, upon completion of the program. I knew very quickly into beginning courses that I had made the right decision as almost all of the courses allowed me the opportunity to use my company as the focus of my coursework. Not only did I learn very important concepts all along the way, I was able to directly apply them to my everyday work and enhance/grow my company throughout the program.”

Jade especially enjoyed the iMBA coursework focused on business models because she was able to directly apply it to her entrepreneurial pursuits. “It is something I never [spent] much time on when I started my business and wasn’t something I learned at all in undergrad. I found the content really helpful and being able to apply it directly to things in life that I was working on was really beneficial to me,” she said.

Jade recommends Jefferson Online’s iMBA program to others because of its emphasis on innovation: “The program was geared toward innovative thinking at every turn. It was a part of every course and I am a firm believer that innovation and innovative thinkers are the future of success in business and all facets of our future economy. I think the fact that Jefferson makes innovation the keystone of the program, as opposed to other universities that teach [just] a few courses around it, sets the program far apart from many of the others I looked at.”

Looking ahead, Jade is excited to use the skills she learned through her iMBA study to continue developing and launching new businesses, as well as teaching business courses in an adjunct capacity. “I look forward to being able to teach other young entrepreneurs and business professionals based on all the experiences I have had so far as well as the new things that I learned throughout the MBA program. Additionally, I’ve implemented a number of the concepts that I’ve learned into my current business, and the coursework I did has set me on the path of hopefully launching a new service company,” she said.

Whether you are interested in entrepreneurship like Jade or are looking to develop skills to advance in your corporate career, Jefferson Online’s iMBA can help you meet your professional goals. With an integrated, project-based curriculum focused on real-world skills, our program develops dynamic problem-solvers and entrepreneurial thinkers who are ready for success. Learn more about this flexible, innovative degree program here.

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