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Blair Jones

Summer 2015 Graduate

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Like many Jefferson Online students, Blair Jones decided to earn an MBA because of the opportunity to advance in her career: “I had been out of school for quite some time, almost ten years, and I think it was kind of a now-or-never point for me. My thought was, ‘I want to take the next step in my career and I want to make sure that I am prepared for anything that might come my way.’ If it’s competing with other people with MBAs, then I wanted to be relevant.”

Blair has worked with the Comcast Corporation for several years, and she saw value in expanding her knowledge and developing new skills to stay fresh. She currently works as the Senior Manager of Business Operations and Finance for the mass media company. “When you’re with the same company for a really long time, you tend to get really into that industry and it’s hard to branch out and learn other things. I think getting my MBA helped me to learn business perspectives beyond just what I know in my own job, in my own industry,” she said.

The flexibility and convenience of Jefferson Online’s program was especially important for Blair because of keeping up with job responsibilities: “I wanted to continue with my same work schedule without having to make sacrifices, so the online program seemed like the ideal option for me.”

Blair found that Jefferson Online’s Innovation MBA gave her the chance to learn in a collaborative environment, from other students with diverse business backgrounds and skill sets. “I definitely learned a lot of new skills. I think one of the [beneficial] things about an MBA program in general is learning how to work with different people and different personalities. And I think that was one of the strengths that I gained from the program. Everybody had a different background: I was in finance and I worked on teams with a lot of people in HR and different kinds of industries,” she said.

She also knew how important it was for women in particular to pursue continued education, especially when they plan to have families. “One of the reasons I wanted to get my MBA was because I knew eventually I wanted to build a family. As a woman, when you decide to do that, you’re deciding to take time off of work. [It can be] hard because when you’re not there you just worry that you will become irrelevant or replaceable,” she said. For Blair, holding an advanced degree meant job security: “One of the things I wanted to do is arm myself with the skills and knowledge and just be relevant so that, whether or not I did take any time off, when I came back I’d still be competitive. I think it gave me more motivation.”

Blair found so much value in Jefferson Online’s iMBA that she has suggested the program to others as well. “I would definitely recommend Jefferson’s online MBA — I already have. A former boss of mine reached out to me when she found out that I was in the program and I was able to recommend it to a couple of people on her team,” she said.

Whether you are looking to advance in your current career like Blair or are interested in developing skills for a new position, Jefferson Online’s iMBA can help you meet your professional goals. With an integrated, project-based curriculum focused on real-world skills, our program develops dynamic problem-solvers and entrepreneurial thinkers who are ready for success. Learn more about this flexible, innovative degree program here.

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