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Vince Santivasi

December 2017 Graduate

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Vince Santivasi’s wife has a master’s in nursing. His son holds a doctorate and is in his second year of residency at the Mayo Clinic, and his daughter is in her first year of graduate school at Ohio State for audiology. He knew it was time to earn his degree. “All of my family either has an advanced degree or is in the process,” he said. “I’m the slow one of the group.”

Vince had a smattering of credits and had even taken some executive classes at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, but he didn’t have enough credits to make a degree. He knew he wanted a school where those credits would transfer and where he could earn his degree quickly. He spoke to a number of different schools in the area, but Jefferson Online appealed to him both because of the personal attention during the application process and the clarity and simplicity of the online Bachelor of Science in Business Management requirements. “I think, for someone who’s busy, you don’t have a ton of time to do a lot of research. Jefferson did a lot of the work for me, and that really helps,” he said.

In addition, he’d taken classes at six different institutions, dating back to 1983. “I thought Jefferson did a great job of helping me gather those transcripts together, and helping me figure out that some of them were able to be transferred,” he said.

Vince travels for work on a nearly weekly basis, making a traditional, synchronous schedule impossible. Thanks to Jefferson’s fully online, flexible program, he could learn whenever he had time, from wherever he was.

While he learned plenty in all of his online business classes, Vince’s favorite class was Leadership Theory and Ethical Practices. “I thought the instructor, Lisa Young, was fantastic,” he said. “She reached out on a regular basis via email, she was very active in our group discussions, and she certainly shared some personal experiences. Her sharing her experiences I think opened us up for great discussions with others in the class.” Vince thought the course material was excellent; assignments focused not only on business practices and how you lead, but on why you lead.

Vince’s new degree has direct applications on his current position. From statistics to leadership to professional communication, Vince was learning skills that he used every day at work. “I don’t think there’s one class I’ve taken that hasn’t been applicable,” he said.

Vince’s instructors were instrumental in helping him understand the coursework and manage the workload at his own pace. His Statistics professor, James Hutt, encouraged students to call him when they needed him: “He was really encouraging for me to find something that would benefit me not just in the class but outside class as well.”

Vince plans to finish his degree in December 2017. He’s looking forward to having more free time when he’s done, but he’s also considering going back to school for an MBA. Many of his colleagues are taking classes, and the individual development plans for many of Vince’s reports at work revolve around completing a degree. Vince finds that his own continued education allows him to inspire those he manages and to act as a mentor to them. As for his own career prospects, Vince is optimistic about the future. “I would certainly recommend others to pursue a degree at Jefferson. It opens up a load of possibilities, career-wise, down the road. It’s never too late to start, or finish,” he said.

Whether you are looking to develop leadership skills to make the most out of an organization’s people and processes like Vince or are interested in developing skills for a new position, Jefferson Online’s B.S. in Business Management can help you meet your professional goals. With curriculum focused on teaching you to drive innovation while gaining expertise in professional skills, our program develops dynamic problem-solvers and communicators who are ready for success. Learn more about this flexible, innovative degree program here.

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