Build a Strong Foundation in the Science of Health

Thomas Jefferson University’s fully online BS in Health Sciences degree is designed to give students a solid foundation in human biology—focusing on anatomy, physiology, and epidemiology—complemented by courses in health systems, public health, and healthcare quality improvement. This interdisciplinary program will prepare students with critical thinking, data analysis, and leadership skills needed in both clinical and non-clinical roles. Graduates are prepared for entry into many graduate programs in a variety of health professions.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate sound foundational knowledge of biology, chemistry, human anatomy, physiology, and disease treatment and prevention as they relate to health outcomes.
  2. Access, use and evaluate evidence-based information effectively.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the forces impacting health delivery systems and the effective management of healthcare organizations.
  4. Exhibit leadership behaviors in preparation to lead effectively in an interprofessional healthcare role.
  5. Apply legal and ethical principles to health care scenarios.
  6. Demonstrate commitment to self-directed lifelong learning to promote personal and professional development.

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Degree Details


Next Start Date

2–3 Years

Program Length

120 Hours


8 Weeks

Course Length

Course Map

Continuing students can view the curriculum from 2020 and prior years here.

General Education Requirements (22 Credits)

  • Written Communications Elective
  • Written Communications Elective
  • STAX 211 Finding & Evaluating Statistical Data
  • BIOX 121/122 Biology I with Lab
  • COMX 220 Speaking to Lead in the Digital Age
  • PHLX 222 Applied Professional Ethics
  • Social Science Elective

Foundation Requirements (25 Credits)

  • CSSX 101 Learning Across Lifespan (must be completed as one of the first three courses in the program)
  • BIOX 110/113 Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab
  • BIOX 111/114 Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab (prerequisite: BIOL 110/113 or BIOX 110/113)
  • BIOX 123/124 Biology II w/Lab (prerequisite: BIOX 121/122)
  • CHMX 110/111 Chemistry I/Lab
  • HSCX 110 Intro Health Professions
  • HSCX 120 Medical Terminology

Creativity & Leadership Core (15 Credits)

  • CLCX 310 Creativity Foundations and Applications
  • CLCX 330 Project Management
  • CLCX 340 Leading Diverse Organizations
  • CLCX 350 Creative Leadership
  • CLCX 360 Leadership in the Digital Age

Health Sciences Electives (6 Credits)

Choose electives from biological sciences, physical sciences, social sciences or health professions.

Major Requirements (15 Credits)

  • HSCX 201 Human Disease/Treatment (prerequisites: BIOX 110/113 & BIOX 111/114)
  • HSMX 301 Health Systems and Policy
  • HSMX 350 Public Health & Epidemiology
  • HSMX 412 Healthcare Quality Improvement
  • HSCX 498 Health Sciences Capstone (prerequisites: all science courses, all Creativity & Leadership Core courses, COMX 220, HSCX 110, HSCX 120, HSCX 201, PHLX 222 and STAX 211)

General Electives (37 Credits)

Potential Careers

Upon graduation from this program, students will be prepared to work in a variety of health sciences settings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the fastest growing careers in health sciences is clinical laboratory technologists and technicians, which is projected to grow 11% from 2020 to 2030.* Graduates will be prepared for roles in settings such as:

  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Outpatient Care Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Clinics

Admissions Requirements

Jefferson Online has a rolling admissions policy that allows decisions to be made as soon as your file is complete.

  1. Submit a completed online application.
  2. Provide an official copy of a high school transcript with a posted graduation date or proof of successful completion of a GED program. Home-schooled students are also encouraged to apply for admission. Thomas Jefferson University accepts official transcripts electronically from previously attended institutions. Transcripts should be sent to or mailed to:

    Transcript Processing Center
    Thomas Jefferson University
    851 Trafalgar Court, Suite 420
    Maitland, FL 32751

  3. High school and GED accreditation must be recognized by a state, regional or other accrediting agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
    If you have earned credits after high school, you will need to submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. An official copy of a transcript is stamped with the school’s seal.

Once you have applied, your enrollment counselor will provide an official transcript request form. You should complete this and return it signed in ink to your enrollment counselor. We will work to request your transcripts from any prior institutions on your behalf. You can get a head start on the credit evaluation process by submitting unofficial transcripts of grades and credits for prior coursework to, with a statement indicating where you are in the application process.

*Source: “Occupational Outlook Handbook: Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians.” Retrieved on July 12, 2022, from

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