This program teaches the fundamentals of accounting and the latest accounting technology, preparing students for further study and helping qualify them to take the CPA exam.

B.S. in Accounting - Learn More

Gain the skills to support individuals and improve communities by studying psychology, counseling, rehabilitation and more.

B.S. in Behavioral and Health Services - Learn More

This degree features a curriculum based in management skills, teamwork, professional communication, change management, problem-solving and more.

B.S. in Business Management - Learn More

Become a part of one of the fastest growing industries with a program that combines fundamental business principles with an understanding of the contemporary healthcare system.

B.S. in Health Services Management - Learn More

Learn to work as a qualified human resources professional through the study of staff development, compensation and benefits, management relations and more.

B.S. in Human Resource Management - Learn More

Develop key IT skill sets to take on leadership roles in areas like needs assessment, project management, programming and database management.

B.S. in Information Technology - Learn More

Become a leader in the workplace with this program, which teaches you to communicate effectively and prioritize organizational objectives.

B.S. in Organizational Leadership - Learn More

The online B.S. in Health Studies is designed to maximize your skills in various healthcare professions.

Bachelor’s in Health Studies - Learn More

The doctorate of midwifery program is a post-professional degree designed to develop transformative leaders in midwifery education, clinical practice, administration, or advocacy. In this 2-3 year program, midwives will gain skills to create meaningful change through developing, implementing, and evaluating a project in an area of their choice.

Doctor of Midwifery - Learn More

The Doctor of Nursing Practice is offered as both Post-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Post-Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Graduates of both programs earn a DNP.

Doctor of Nursing Practice - Learn More

The clinical Post-Professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (PP-OTD) provides you with advanced skills and knowledge to enhance your current practice and be an innovator in traditional and emerging areas of occupational therapy.

Doctorate in Occupational Therapy - Learn More

The online Innovation MBA provides an integrated curriculum featuring dynamic problem-solving and entrepreneurial strategies that prepare you for leadership roles in a variety of industries.

Innovation MBA - Learn More

This program offers additional skills required for leadership positions—healthcare policy development, epidemiology, outcomes analysis, coalition building and stakeholder management.

M.S. in Population Health - Learn More

Students build problem-solving skills to develop market-driven innovations to become leaders in economic, environmental, and societal sustainability for the 21st century global community.

M.S. in Sustainable Design - Learn More

This discipline establishes efficacy of the product or service, compares its effectiveness to other interventions, and considers its incremental cost efficiency. 

M.S. Applied Health Economics & Outcomes Research - Learn More

This program prepares graduates to be health policy leaders and managers, who possess advanced analytic skills for problem identification and actionable policy solutions.

M.S. Health Policy - Learn More

This program prepares national and international healthcare professionals for leadership positions in healthcare, including those focused on quality and safety. Graduates of the program are able to design, implement, and disseminate programs and policies that measureably improve healthcare quality and patient safety.

M.S. Healthcare Quality & Safety - Learn More

This program was developed to prepare individuals with the knowledge and expertise to manage and develop the increasingly complex disaster management and preparedness requirements of the 21st century.

M.S. in Disaster Medicine and Management - Learn More

This program is a full-time distance learning program leading to a Master of Science degree and eligibility to sit for the American Midwifery Certification Board exam.

M.S. in Midwifery Completion - Learn More

MSN prepared RN’s are educated to be advanced practitioners at the forefront of healthcare, serving as clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse administrators, nurse educators, and nurse researchers.

M.S. in Nursing - Learn More

This program prepares students with a competitive edge, valuable connections and real-world practice to drive change within an organization. The M.S. in Organizational Leadership can be completed in 1-2 years based on part-time/full-time status.

M.S. in Organizational Leadership - Learn More

This program prepares graduates to collect, organize, harmonize, analyze, disseminate and act upon the data available to clinicians, health system leaders, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and healthcare payers.

M.S. Population Health Intelligence - Learn More

Become part of the rapidly growing, lucrative field of construction management with a degree designed to give you real-world skills in a flexible format that fits your schedule.

Master of Science in Construction Management - Learn More

Students can obtain a certificate in any nurse practitioner specialty area. The certificate allows a practicing nurse to diversify and specialize in another track.

Post-Master’s Nursing Certificate - Learn More