Provides access to an unrivaled graduate education specialty concentration designed to foster competency development in the academic nursing role.

Academic Nursing - Learn More

Gain the skills to support individuals and improve communities by studying psychology, counseling, rehabilitation and more.

B.S. in Behavioral and Health Services - Learn More

This degree features a curriculum based in management skills, teamwork, professional communication, change management, problem-solving and more.

B.S. in Business Management - Learn More

Become a part of one of the fastest growing industries with a program that combines fundamental business principles with an understanding of the contemporary healthcare system.

B.S. in Health Services Management - Learn More

Learn to work as a qualified human resources professional through the study of staff development, compensation and benefits, management relations and more.

B.S. in Human Resource Management - Learn More

Develop key IT skill sets to take on leadership roles in areas like needs assessment, project management, programming and database management.

B.S. in Information Technology - Learn More

This program allows Medical Lab Technicians with an associate's degree to earn a BS in Medical Laboratory Science.

B.S. in Medical Laboratory Science for Medical Lab Technicians - Learn More

Become a leader in the workplace with this program, which teaches you to communicate effectively and prioritize organizational objectives.

B.S. in Organizational Leadership - Learn More

The online B.S. in Health Studies is designed to maximize your skills in various healthcare professions.

Bachelor’s in Health Studies - Learn More

Equips graduates with the knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial mindset needed to turn a unique winning idea that fills an unmet need in the cannabis industry into reality.

Cannabis Business Certificate - Learn More

Designed for clinicians to provide an understanding of the science underlying endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids and their clinical applications.

Cannabis Medicine Certificate - Learn More

Provides an in-depth view of the botany and chemistry of the cannabis plant, cannabinoids pharmacology and resultant effects and how to identify and quantify the different chemical components and potential toxicants in cannabis.

Cannabis Science Certificate - Learn More

Learn to analyze blood and body fluids to determine their biochemical parameters and the physiological health of the patient.

Clinical Chemistry Certificate - Learn More

Provides knowledge to analyze the function and formation of red and white blood cells and other elements of blood and body fluids; monitor components of the coagulation system.

Clinical Hematology Certificate - Learn More

Students will learn to culture, isolate and diagnose bacteria, parasites and viruses to identify the cause of disease and the best course of treatment.

Clinical Microbiology Certificate - Learn More

A goal-focused problem-solving approach that healthcare, human service and education professionals use to foster clients (patients, students, caregivers) achievement of self-identified goals.

Coaching in Context - Learn More

To empower healthcare leaders with data driven strategies using emerging technologies to develop patient solutions.

Connected Care: Telehealth & Digital Health Innovation - Learn More

Students will be prepared assume leadership roles within this increasingly multifaceted and cross-disciplinary industry.

Construction Management - Learn More

Resilient design is an area of study that builds special skills, knowledge and approaches to guide organizations to continue to flourish within a challenging environmental, social and economic challenges.

Design of Resilient Communities - Learn More

Our DHSc in Population Health is designed for working professionals who are determined to transform the healthcare system. This cohort-based program is small, interactive, and focused on creating a community of practice among the participants as they develop their knowledge and skills.

DHSc in Population Health - Learn More

In the online Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) Program all students will experience in-depth, individualized, multi-disciplinary training in a comprehensive range of healthcare leadership, teaching and learning, and research skills that support their development as leaders in a burgeoning health professions career landscape.

Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) - Learn More

The doctorate of midwifery program is a post-professional degree designed to develop transformative leaders in midwifery education, clinical practice, administration, or advocacy. In this 2-3 year program, midwives will gain skills to create meaningful change through developing, implementing, and evaluating a project in an area of their choice.

Doctor of Midwifery - Learn More

The Doctor of Nursing Practice is offered as both Post-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Post-Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Graduates of both programs earn a DNP.

Doctor of Nursing Practice - Learn More

The clinical Post-Professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (PP-OTD) provides you with advanced skills and knowledge to enhance your current practice and be an innovator in traditional and emerging areas of occupational therapy.

Doctorate in Occupational Therapy - Learn More

Offers professionals advanced knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and skills for working with persons who have ASD.

Emerging as Leaders in Autism Practice & Research - Learn More

Prepares students to assume technology leadership roles in the use of Advanced GIS and Spatial Analytics.

Graphic Information Systems (GIS) - Learn More

This certificate is designed to educate students about the design and management of mainstream green buildings.

Green Building Operations - Learn More

This certificate is designed to teach students to type and cross-match blood from donors and recipients and analyze specific blood products for use in blood-component therapy.

Immunohematology Certificate - Learn More

The online Innovation MBA provides an integrated curriculum featuring dynamic problem-solving and entrepreneurial strategies that prepare you for leadership roles in a variety of industries.

Innovation MBA - Learn More

Focuses on the theories, evidence for, and practice of integrative health education with an emphasis on those with strong scientific support.

Integrative Health Education Advanced Practice Certificate - Learn More

Designed for healthcare professionals seeking the latest evidence on nutrition, diets, and the impact of food on general health.

Integrative Nutrition Advanced Practice Certificate - Learn More

Designed for inter-disciplinary professionals seeking to develop or contribute to Life Care Plans or pursue board-certified Life Care Planning designation.

Life Care Planning - Learn More

Students build problem-solving skills to develop market-driven innovations to become leaders in economic, environmental, and societal sustainability for the 21st century global community.

M.S. in Sustainable Design - Learn More

This discipline establishes efficacy of the product or service, compares its effectiveness to other interventions, and considers its incremental cost efficiency. 

M.S. Applied Health Economics & Outcomes Research - Learn More

This program prepares graduates to be health policy leaders and managers, who possess advanced analytic skills for problem identification and actionable policy solutions.

M.S. Health Policy - Learn More

This program prepares national and international healthcare professionals for leadership positions in healthcare, including those focused on quality and safety. Graduates of the program are able to design, implement, and disseminate programs and policies that measureably improve healthcare quality and patient safety.

M.S. Healthcare Quality & Safety - Learn More

This program was developed to prepare individuals with the knowledge and expertise to manage and develop the increasingly complex disaster management and preparedness requirements of the 21st century.

M.S. in Disaster Medicine and Management - Learn More

This program prepares graduates to collect, organize, harmonize, analyze, disseminate and act upon the data available to clinicians, health system leaders, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and healthcare payers.

M.S. in Health Data Science - Learn More

Integrative health is an emerging specialty that is of expanding interest. In 2018, it was estimated that more than 60% of the global population used some form of nontraditional treatment for health issues; yet, there is limited medical education on common and scientific promising modalities.

M.S. in Integrative Health Sciences - Learn More

Designed to provide students with the knowledge in cannabis medicine, science, business, and policies, required to enter the cannabis industry, support patients, add to existing research and develop innovative cannabis business models.

M.S. in Medical Cannabis Science & Business - Learn More

This program is a full-time distance learning program leading to a Master of Science degree and eligibility to sit for the American Midwifery Certification Board exam.

M.S. in Midwifery Completion - Learn More

MSN prepared RN’s are educated to be advanced practitioners at the forefront of healthcare, serving as clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse administrators, nurse educators, and nurse researchers.

M.S. in Nursing - Learn More

Operational Excellence (OpX) is the academic and professional field focused on developing and implementing evidence-based performance improvement methodologies needed to promote value and efficiency in healthcare. OpX professionals lead healthcare transformation by focusing on eliminating waste and improving system performance.

M.S. in Operational Excellence - Learn More

This program prepares students with a competitive edge, valuable connections and real-world practice to drive change within an organization. The M.S. in Organizational Leadership can be completed in 1-2 years based on part-time/full-time status.

M.S. in Organizational Leadership - Learn More

Population Health is an academic and professional field that draws upon diverse disciplines to create a new paradigm for health improvement that engages all key stakeholders that impact the delivery of health services. Health systems in the U.S. and around the world are shifting from volume to value.

M.S. in Population Health - Learn More

Students are prepared to be leaders in the real estate profession and to address the significant built environment challenges of the 21st century.

M.S. in Real Estate Development - Learn More

Become part of the rapidly growing, lucrative field of construction management with a degree designed to give you real-world skills in a flexible format that fits your schedule.

Master of Science in Construction Management - Learn More

Brings a new dynamic to professional healthcare education, focusing on mind-body strategies to reduce stress and improve health-related quality of life.

Mind-Body Medicine Advanced Practice Certificate - Learn More

Students will learn to use a wide variety of techniques to prepare specimens for diagnosing genetic diseases, identifying infectious agents and paternity testing.

Molecular Biology Certificate - Learn More

Designed for healthcare professionals, who wish to participate in advanced study of neuroscience and neuro-based rehabilitation intervention strategies.

Neuroscience: Advanced Concepts for Evidence Based Practice - Learn More

Our PhD in Population Health Science prepares leaders to analyze the determinants of health and to develop, implement, and evaluate health interventions, and health policies and systems that improve the health and quality of life of populations.

Ph.D. in Population Health Science - Learn More

Students can obtain a certificate in any nurse practitioner specialty area. The certificate allows a practicing nurse to diversify and specialize in another track.

Post-Master’s Nursing Certificate - Learn More

Build your knowledge-base and credentials in the field of real estate development.

Real Estate Development - Learn More

Prepares architects, urban designers and city managers to become leaders in the planning, management, and operational functions of 'smart’ cities.

Smart Cities & Urban Analytics - Learn More

Offers rehabilitation professionals fundamental knowledge and skills to teach curricula in schools and other applied settings.

Teaching in the Digital Age - Learn More

Developed by Emergency Medicine faculty and the National Academic Center for Telehealth, Jefferson’s program prepares the learner for the role of Telehealth Facilitator on the interprofessional healthcare team.

Telehealth Facilitator Certificate - Learn More