big data insights

4 Discoveries From Big Data Insights

Big data is becoming increasingly important to business and will impact every business in the near future. At its core, big data collects information relevant to your business, examines trends…
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types of databases

Different Types of Databases

Many of your online interactions involve databases. Whether you’re accessing bank accounts or cloud storage, streaming your favorite shows or checking your Facebook notifications, powerful databases are needed to retrieve…
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it project manager

How to Become an IT Project Manager

More companies are expanding operations to digital platforms and taking cybersecurity more seriously. Nearly seven out of 10 organizations don’t believe their antivirus solutions can stop the threats they’re seeing,…
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IT Hierarchy

Who’s Who in the IT Hierarchy [Infographic]

Who's Who in the IT Hierarchy Hardware, software, networks, systems – knowing who does what in IT can be as complex as the technology they work with. Don’t let that…
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