gender bias in healthcare

Exploring Gender Bias in Healthcare

In recent years, gender bias in healthcare has become more apparent. It has always been prevalent, but studies are now showing how damaging it is to overall health outcomes. Many…
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patient wait times

How Patient Wait Times Affect Customer Satisfaction

Anyone who has ever visited a doctor’s office knows that a long wait can be frustrating and anxiety-inducing, but long patient wait times also affect overall satisfaction with healthcare providers.…
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patient safety goals

Recognizing the Importance of Patient Safety Goals for Health Professionals

Patient safety goals are essential to the well-being of patients and the success of hospitals and other healthcare establishments. In 2002, The Joint Commission, an organization that accredits healthcare organizations…
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clinical director salary

What to Expect from a Clinical Director Salary

Every health services organization requires competent leadership. As the supervisors of healthcare institutions, clinical directors oversee all facets of operations to ensure the quality, functioning and success of services and…
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