Category: Construction Management

Construction Robotics: How It’s Changing the Industry

The construction industry is booming. For example, in the construction of apartments alone, the number of projects increases every year. In 2017, around 560,000 units are under construction, up from…
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How to Become a Construction Manager

Construction projects require the coordination of a vast number of people, materials and logistics. Behind every successful construction project is a construction manager: that is, a person who coordinates and…
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Sustainable Home Design Basics

As the United States seeks to rely less on finite energy sources, sustainability is becoming more important. According to a McGraw Hill report, an estimated 40 percent of the housing…
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The LEED Exam: A Study Guide

As sustainable housing becomes more popular, getting the right certification becomes increasingly important for construction managers. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is recognized as an industry-wide standard…
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What is BIM?

Modern construction is increasingly complex, and effective communication among different engineering teams on a construction project is critical. Communication must be efficient, accurate, multi-directional and collaborative. BIM can offer a…
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