Innovative Products

Innovative Products Changing Our Lives

It’s easy to take innovative products for granted. You likely use more than one daily, and you’re using one now to read this article. You don’t have to struggle to…
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cold calling tips

Making the Sale: 10 Essential Cold Calling Tips

The questionable reputation of cold calling has led some people to think that it’s “dead,” or at least it should be. However, that perception ignores a simple fact: Cold calling…
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the delegation process

Mastering the Delegation Process

As a manager, your time is both valuable and in high demand. Managers who concentrate on excelling at high-level strategy and project management are vital to a company’s success. That’s…
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most successful apps

Mobile Moguls: What the Web’s Most Successful Apps Get Right

The number of mobile applications on the market has been steadily on the rise for the past decade, with growth expected to continue. More businesses are recognizing the value of…
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c suite titles

Navigating C Suite Titles: A Primer on Executive-Level Jobs

High-ranking executive jobs are often referred to as C-suite titles, with the “C” standing for “chief.” These roles are some of the most important positions in an organization, and they…
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generational marketing

Targeting Age Groups: Understanding Generational Marketing

Age is a straightforward way to gain insight into your audience, and it’s a cornerstone of segmenting, or categorizing customers into different groups. “It’s no secret that different generations of…
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business communication skills

The 5 Most Critical Business Communication Skills for Getting Ahead

The National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook 2016 survey listed leadership, teamwork and communication as the top three most valuable skills for employees. Communication is the cornerstone of…
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how to write a thank you email after an interview

The Follow Up: How to Write a Thank-you Email After an Interview

A lot of people don’t send a thank-you note after an interview, thinking that it’s an outdated or simply unnecessary practice. Unfortunately, avoiding a quick email often undermines their candidacy…
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new manager checklist

The New Manager Checklist: A Guide for New Managers

If you’ve recently been promoted to your first management position, you know how exciting — and overwhelming — it can be. As a new manager, you have more influence and…
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