Intrapreneur Infographic

[Infographic] Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur? A Flowchart

This entrepreneur vs. intrapreneur infographic showcases what's possible for you in business. Steve Jobs coined the term “intrapreneur” in 1985, referring to an employee of a company who uses entrepreneurial…
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company name generator

5 Best Company Name Generators

Successfully naming your company is one of the most important steps you can take as a new business owner. However, it’s important to choose carefully. For a company name to…
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brand ambassador program

Creating a Successful Brand Ambassador Program

Word-of-mouth marketing remains one of the most effective tools at a company’s disposal; 74 percent of consumers identify word of mouth as one of their top points of influence. Rather…
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internet history timeline

From ARPANET to World Wide Web: An Internet History Timeline

The internet has become a vital part of the modern world, inseparable from daily life and routines. It wasn’t always this way though; the history of the internet started somewhere.…
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technical writer

How to Become a Technical Writer

Technical writers communicate complex and technical information in instruction manuals, how-to guides, journal articles and other types of documents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). They also develop,…
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how to buy a business

How to Buy a Business

Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean starting a business from scratch. In some cases, buying an existing business can be a much more appealing option. While the up-front costs of…
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rebranding strategy

How to Create a Successful Rebranding Strategy

A company’s brand influences how people perceive the company, how it interacts with customers and what values it emphasizes. But brands are not static; they can evolve over time. When…
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focus group questions

How to Create Effective Focus Group Questions

Focus groups are an important part of understanding how to make your product appeal to potential customers and how to communicate its appeal to them. A focus group is a…
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how to launch an app

How to Launch an App: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

Creating and launching apps is a thriving business — more than 1,000 apps on average are submitted to the Apple App Store per day. In 2015, the App Store had…
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