This entrepreneur vs. intrapreneur infographic showcases what’s possible for you in business. Steve Jobs coined the term “intrapreneur” in 1985, referring to an employee of a company who uses entrepreneurial skills to promote innovative product development and marketing using that company’s capital and resources. But not all ventures are worth sharing with a corporate name, which is why many entrepreneurs branch out and start their own businesses alone.

intrapreneur infographic

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A Flowchart: Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur? [Infographic]

39%: Percentage of employees who hope to one day own their own business

However, 67% say they lack the financial resources to make it happen.

So should you venture out on your own or work within your current company? It all depends on your personality.

Are You an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur? Let’s Find Out!

Follow the flow chart below to figure out which type of business leader you are.

Are you happy in your current position and with your current company?

  • No, I would be happier elsewhere
  • Yes, I’m happy here.

Do you like taking big risks?

  • Yes, I can only learn from failure.
  • I would rather have a company behind me to take on the risk.

Do you get your best ideas when alone or when working with a group?

  • I like to bounce my ideas off others and hear their input.
  • I need to fully complete an idea by myself before sharing it with others.

Do you want to create a brand new business or product or change an established one?

  • I have a new idea.
  • I see a problem with or opportunity in an existing idea.

Do you like to experiment with smaller ideas before trying a bigger idea?

  • Yes, I like to see what people respond to.
  • No, I like to work on one, big idea and put my time and effort into that.

Do you prefer to have mentors that can give you advice along the way?

  • I want to do it myself.
  • I would like the advice and guidance of experienced business owners.

Do you want to be your own boss or do you prefer to work below a main supervisor?

  • I want to be my own boss.
  • Having a boss is fine, as long as I can work alone.

Do you prefer to delegate tasks or be involved in every aspect of your business?

  • I want to help with every part of the company.
  • I trust other leaders in my company with certain tasks.

Some famous intrapreneurial innovations include: 

  • Apple iPhone
  • Google’s Gmail
  • Sony Playstation
  • 3M’s Post-it Notes

Did you know?

62% of billionaires in the U.S. are self-made.

Businesses with the highest profit margins last year included:

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Real estate

58% of these businesses were still operating after four years.

An MBA can serve both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. It provides them with:

  • The knowledge to run all aspects of a business or product campaign.
  • The opportunity to work in a variety of fields.
  • A large network of like-minded mentors, investors and potential employees.
  • The credibility to sell your business or product to investors and customers.

With an online Innovation MBA, you will wield the tools necessary to make a splash in the business world.