Successfully naming your company is one of the most important steps you can take as a new business owner. However, it’s important to choose carefully. For a company name to be effective, it must speak to the business’s product, audience and place in the market. A number of online generator tools are specifically designed to help with this task.

In choosing your business name, take the following considerations into account:

  • Memorability. A company name should be one that can be spelled, pronounced and recalled easily.
  • Evocativeness. The name should spark a specific image for customers and elicit positive emotions.
  • Domain name availability. No matter what, a name must be available via an internet platform. The web is far too important in commerce to be ignored.
  • Avoid acronyms. Although they may serve as useful shorthand, an audience will not understand them and will feel no connection to the name.

Company name generators provide a beneficial tool for exploring options.

Top 5 Company Name Generators for Naming Your Business

Here are five company name generator tools entrepreneurs may find useful on their hunt for the perfect name.


Description: This company name generator is designed specifically for small- and medium-sized businesses. After typing in your search query, you receive a list of available domain names that contain your search term. The Shopify site also has resources for entrepreneurs to get started and maintain their businesses.

Strengths: Shopify’s website itself. Its well-stocked resource list includes tools like free guides, podcasts, an encyclopedia and stock photos.

Weaknesses: The generator tool doesn’t allow for a wide range of customizable search functions. Users must also register with the site if they wish to do anything with the names they find beyond looking at their original search results.

Name Mesh

Description: This site offers a simple domain name lookup function.

Strengths: Name Mesh offers a wide variety of lists when given a search query. Users can look up possible domain names based on items like SEO, blended and modified keywords, synonyms and antonyms, and prefixes.

Weaknesses: The site can be confusing and cumbersome to navigate.


 Description: BrandBucket specializes in selling company names and brand logos. Searchers can look up possible company names by keyword or category and see the availability of company names, as well as their prices.

Strengths: Names are easy to look up based on category. The website also offers services like customizable logos and an invented word search to boost name originality.

Weaknesses: Everything on the site requires payment, sometimes in hefty amounts. This can be a barrier for new business owners. Also, some entrepreneurs may consider a site that offers names, logos and branding all in one to be at odds with the natural development of their own company voice. 


 Description: Namesmith is a simple name generator.

Strengths: Although the search feature is simple, it is surprisingly customizable. Users can hunt through an array of domains, such as .info, .me, .biz and many that are country-specific.

Weaknesses: Namesmith hosts a random name generator with foreign language features, but the list of languages is short.


 Description: Similar to BrandBucket, OneClickName offers premade company names and logos for purchase.

Strengths: OneClickName features an easy-to-use menu of name types. The site also allows users to sell company names of their own.

Weaknesses: OneClickName only sells .com domain names.

 While company name generators prove an invaluable resource, finding the perfect company name is just the start. Budding entrepreneurs must obtain the right training and credentials necessary to navigate the world of innovative business.

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