Curious, social, introspective and surprising, the field of psychology explores human behavior and the mind. The implications of psychological research influence every aspect of life. Here are seven exciting psychology podcasts designed for inquisitive listeners to understand why we do the things we do.

Top 7 Psychology Podcasts

1. Invisibilia


Hosts: Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel, Lulu Miller

Content Summary: Invisibilia explores the hidden forces that shape the way humans think and act. Past topics vary widely, including examinations of emotions, the nature of reality, computers, social norms and personality.

Episode Length: About an hour

Relevant Information: “Invisibilia” is the Latin term for “invisible things,” explains the podcast’s producer, NPR. Around since 2014, this program is hosted by two journalists who pair human stories with psychological phenomena like fear, identity and the need for belonging in order to discuss how psychology shapes behavior.

2. All in the Mind

All in the Mind

Host: Claudia Hammond

Content Summary: This weekly program produced by the BBC explores stories that relate to the potential and boundaries of human psychology. Past topics include earthquake trauma treatment, astronauts, conspiracy theories and social media.

Episode Length: 28 minutes

Relevant Information: All in the Mind has been around since 2009. The podcast also presents annual awards for individuals and organizations that show exceptional dedication toward helping listeners with mental health issues. 

3. Brain Science

Brain Science Podcast

Host: Dr. Ginger Campbell

Content Summary: Hosted by an emergency physician, this podcast showcases new discoveries in neuroscience. Past topics of interest include the aging brain, neurons, the unconscious, body maps, language, cognition and brain plasticity.

Episode Length: Varies per episode

Relevant Information: The show often features neuroscience authors and researchers. Its website also contains show notes, episode transcripts and additional resources. Brain Science was a finalist for the Academy of Podcasters Best Science and Medicine Podcast award.

4. Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain

Host: Shankar Vedantam

Content Summary: This podcast seeks to provide insight about unconscious patterns, biases and triggers. It discusses the connection between psychology and neurobiology and other fields like anthropology, sociology and economics. Past episodes cover topics like boycotts, Pavlovian conditioning, nostalgia and successfully managing high-pressure careers.

Episode Length: Varies per episode

Relevant Information: Hidden Brain has won various awards, including a Webby and a Kavli Science Journalism Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

5. Psychology of Attractiveness

Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast

Host: Robert P. Burriss, Ph.D.

Content Summary: This monthly podcast explores the science behind human relationships and sexuality. It has previously covered topics like conflict and reconciliation, cosmetic surgery, perfume and pheromones, internet dating and the golden ratio’s impact on facial attractiveness.

Episode Length: Around 10 minutes

Relevant Information: The podcast’s website features relevant academic articles, as well as episode transcripts.

6. Headshots


Hosts: Kelli Dunlap and Josué Cardona

Content Summary: This podcast explores the intersection between psychology and gaming. Designed for the special-interest audience, past topics include building gaming communities, mental health and games in prisons, reward psychology and psychological explorations of individual products.

Episode Length: Varies per episode

Relevant Information: Dr. Dunlap is a longtime researcher of the intersection between technology and mental health. Cardona is a former biomedical engineer who hosts another podcast, Geek Therapy, about the positive influences of geek culture on society.

7. We All Wear It Differently

We All Wear It Differently

Host: Amy Felman

Content Summary: We All Wear It Differently is designed to help working psychologists encourage, connect with and teach one another. The program emphasizes topics like specialty areas in psychology, developing confidence as a professional and overcoming challenges in the workplace that are unique to the psychology field.

Episode Length: Varies per episode

Relevant Information: We All Wear It Differently mainly features interviews with various working psychologists, ranging from experienced professionals to those just entering the field.

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