Transfer Students

Once you’ve applied, your enrollment counselor will provide you with an Official Transcript Request form. You should fill this out and return it signed in ink to your Enrollment Counselor.

You will need to submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. An official copy of a transcript is a transcript that is stamped with the school’s seal. The transcript must arrive in a sealed envelope from the college or university. Transcripts that are delivered without being in a sealed envelope will not be considered official. Your Enrollment Counselor will work to request your transcripts from any prior institutions on your behalf.

Jefferson Online evaluates potential transfer credits upon receipt of official transcripts. Transfer credits applicable to degree requirements will be awarded provided a “C-” or better is earned in the course from a properly accredited institution. You can get a head start on the evaluation process by submitting unofficial transcripts of grades and credits for prior coursework to, with a statement indicating where you are in the application process.

Jefferson Online requires students who will be matriculating at the University to provide an official copy of their high school transcript with a posted graduation date or proof of successful completion of a GED program. Home-schooled students are also encouraged to apply for admission. Interested applicants should contact 855-865-5565 to discuss application requirements.

An appropriate substitute for a high school transcript is proof of successful completion of a home schooling program. Official high school or college transcripts should be submitted directly to the Jefferson Online Application Processing Center.

Official transcripts should be mailed in a sealed envelope to:

Thomas Jefferson University
C/O The Learning House
801 East Park Drive, Suite 105
Harrisburg, PA 17111

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